Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Nic Jones

Nic Jones is one of the most respected and influential folk musicians in the UK, despite the fact that a car accident ended his performing career 28 years ago. An early member of The Halliard, Nic then built up a solo career throughout the 70's, culminating in the now-iconic Penguin Eggs in 1980. His distinctive percussive fingerpicking has been a big influence on many musicians and Radio 2 Mike Harding Show listeners voted Penguin Eggs the second best folk album of all time in 2001.

Due to high demand, a couple of compilations have since been lovingly produced, providing fans with live tracks and unreleased recordings, including 'Game Set Match' and 'In Search Of'. In a VERY VERY EXCITING twist, this summer Nic began to perform live again!!! I hope to be lucky enough to see him one day.

The classic: 'Canadee-i-o'

'Clyde Water' (Drowned Lovers)

A little fun with 'Wanton Seed'

For more information and info on how to find these releases go to Nic's website...... http://www.nicjones.net/index.htm

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Dennis Wilson

As drummer for the Beach Boys, Dennis had already had considerable fame and success but apart from a few lead vocal roles ('Do You Wanna Dance?' 'This Car of Mine'), he didn't get the opportunity to show the full extent of his talent. He released a single in 1970, but it wasn't until 1977 that he released Pacific Ocean Blue, his first solo album.

It's wonderful!!  Emotional  ballads, funky soul songs and laid back California rock and Wilson's distinctive rasping vocal. Dennis loved the sea and this album has that theme throughout (he was the only Beach Boy that actually surfed).
It opens with the epic River Song, worth the price of the album alone. Its a massive but heartfelt production, featuring the Little Rock Baptist Choir and brother Carl Wilson.
There are many more highlights, my personal favourites being 'Dreamer', 'Rainbows', and the heartbreaking 'End Of The Show'.

Dennis was gregarious and fun-loving, and the unfortunate flip-side in his case was a growing problem with alcoholism and substance abuse. He died in 1983, but fittingly, he was buried at sea, where he was happiest.
He left behind an unfinished album called Bamboo, which is now available as a box set with POB. It contains one of his most beautiful songs, 'Holy Man'. Although a final vocal track was not recorded in time, it has recently been produced with the original vocals sung by Taylor Hawkins, a fellow drummer from the Foo Fighters. Sit down, get comfortable, listen and drift off to Carl's guitar...........

River Song

Holy Man feat. Taylor Hawkins


For more info go to the lovingly maintained fan site http://www.danaddington.com/denny/